How do you avoid a corporate [Cybersecurity] disaster?

Are you completely certain that your organization is not at risk when it comes to the security of the information that is critical to its operations?

My name is Jean-François LeBlanc, I am  a consultant and a certified IT security speaker  and my mission is to help protect our businesses as much as possible.

I offer a business coaching service for the complete safety assessment, the implementation of tools and training to help companies comply with the requirements of the new Bill C-25;

Did you know ?

  • Ransomware extortion costs $298,755 on average (Q2-2022); [Source]
  • It takes an average of 287 days for a company to recover from a cyberattack; [Source]
  • Ransomware attacks hit 66%  of organizations in 2021, a 37% increase  from 2020. [Source]
  • In Canada, 61,000 SMEs have been the subject of cyberattacks, and it is constantly increasing. [Source]
  • The most common intrusion is the employee who clicks on a malicious email link; [Source]
  • Quebec’s Bill C-25 makes you personally liable for the loss of your customers’ personal information; [Source]
  • Some companies are not recovering from a cyberattack. [Link]

Even more worrying:

  • Many IT management companies admit that they are not ready or do not have the time to properly support companies with their cybersecurity needs. [Link]

Let’s work together with your team.

SECUR-IT’s mission is to collaborate, support and help:

  1. business leaders,
  2.  and their IT management specialists (internal or external)

As a team, we make sure to manage risks, ensure increased security of your company, critical information to its operation and especially its staff.

Let’s act.

I want your company not to fall victim to this risk.

Our offer is flexible, affordable and eligible for a grant from Emploi Québec.

I invite you to consult my calendar and identify the ideal time when we could discuss it together at your offices or virtually.  https://calendly.com/secur-it

Is cybersecurity for your business an issue you’re willing to ignore?

The time to act is now!

jean-francois.leblanc@secur-it.ca 819-955-7400 secur-it.ca